Wine Century Club

I’m starting a new wine endeavor. My parents recently told me about the Wine Century Club, it’s a challenge to try 100 different varietals of wine. My dad and some of his wine friends are doing it and I figured why not. With my initial look at the list I was able to check 26 wine varietals off the list immediately. I know i’ve had more varietals on the list but I’m not counting it if i can’t name a specific wine I’ve had the varietal in. The application asks you to check off the varietal and then right down the name and vintage of the wine.

Here’s the deal

  • The challenge is completely on the honor system
  • The wines can be blended, so you don’t have to try a wine that is 100% of one varietal for it to count. It should be noted though that you will get to know the characteristics of the varietal better if it 100% that grape.
  • Try at least 100 different varietals

As I try new varietals my goal will be to write a post about the wine and/or varietal that I tasted (will see how that goes) but I’ll definitely keep you all posted on my progress and maybe I can even get some updates from my dad. (He’s at 147. What an over achiever!) Wish me luck on my next wine adventure!


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  1. Beware, this can become an obsession, and some of those grapes you don’t really want to taste!!

  2. Sounds like fun! I just did the little checklist, and I’m at 40, though I couldn’t name the vineyard for a lot of those, since I don’t really pay attention to that sort of thing. We’ll have to check off a few more of these for you when you’re out here next week! 🙂

  3. We’re having a ton of fun with this. I am up at 75+ right now, and my wife is somewhere at 55. I like the idea of trying different grapes, and it definitely has made wine hunting more fun…

  4. Hi Dana, your mom just told me about you joining the Century Club challenge; it is a lot of fun. Your dad was a late starter in this quest but is catching up. By the way, I am around 215.
    Galen got me started on this, but I now have passed him.

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