Enamore: Argentina’s Answer to Amarone

Last time I went home to see my parents my dad gave me a bottle of Allegrini & Renacer Enamore to take back to Chicago with me. He gave me this particular bottle because it’s made in the same style as an Amarone and he knows I absolutely love Amarone.  If you hadn’t already figured it out, it’s probably my favorite type of wine.

The Enamore is an Argentinean Wine. It is more than 60% Malbec and it is made like an Amarone, where the grapes are dried out before they are pressed. This really concentrates the flavors.  The Enamore has a lot of dark fruit on the nose and it is extremely fruit forward. It has a jammy quality to it but ends with a nice minerality.  It should come as no surprise that it has such strong dark fruit flavors, as Malbecs are known for this. What was surprising to me was how soft the tannins are in this wine. I usually think of Malbec as being a little rough around the edges but this wine was bold yet soft.

And now for the million dollar question, did it compare to an  Amarone?  Amarones tend to have more of an earthiness to them but they usually have some of the same dark fruit flavors that is found in the Enamore. Drying the grapes concentrates the sugars in the grapes and intensifies the flavors.   Amarones also have more complexity. this being said the Enamore is still an extremely enjoyable bottle of wine and certainly shares many characteristics of an Amarone.  At $28.00 a bottle it is definitely more affordable than most Amarones and I would buy it again for sure.


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