Did Somebody Say Wine? -Costume Ideas

Recently I was in Baltimore visiting friends from college and with Halloween just around the corner we started talking about costumes.  My friend brought of when he dressed as Franzia boxed wine in college and it got me thinking about fun wine related costumes you could do this Halloween.

Boxed Wine:

This costume is going to take a little creativity and artistic talent but is a totally fun inexpensive costume idea. When my friend was boxed wine he had artistic friend paint the franzia label onto his box and a spot cut out for the franzia wine spout so he could really serve people some boxed wine! 

What you will need for this costume:

  • Paint or markers
  • A box large enough to fit over your body or 2 pieces of cardboard tide together with rope (think sandwich board signs)
  • Tape
  • Boxed Wine!

Lady Gaga from the Liquorville SNL skit.

If you haven’t seen this skit watch it is hilarious! 

The only difficult part of this costume is the wine cork head piece. You’ll need to get a little creative there. Maybe make it out of foam or Styrofoam? Most of what you need you should be able to get at a craft store like Michael’s or Joanne Fabric.

Also if you’re looking for a couples costume you could buy a beer costume for the Justin Timberlake part  

What you’ll need for the gaga costume:

  • Flesh tone dress
  • Fake grapes/leafs
  • 2 Giant wine glasses- I’ve seen these at craft stores
  • Materials to make the head piece
  • Glue or pins to attach the grape leafs to your dress.

 A Bunch of grapes

This costume is supper inexpensive and easy to make. All you’ll need is:

  •  green or purple clothing (or brown if you’re going for the stem look)
  •  tape or glue
  •  green or purple (red would work too) balloons

Just tape/ glue a bunch of balloons to yourself more at the top narrowing as you get to further down your body

 Have a Happy Halloween Everyone! And let us know if you have any other wine related costume ideas or send us pictures of your wine costumes!


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