Trader Joe’s: Wine Picks

Trader Joe’s is a place that many of us go grocery shopping. We find that they have a great selection of almost everything. You like fruit they have it and usually for a good price. You like cheese, they have that too, and its pretty good cheese. What about crackers you like those? Yep they have a wide assortment. These are items you may snack on while drinking wine. BUT does Trader Joe’s have a good selection of wine???

Well like any store that sells wine you’ll find that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. However Dana and I have made our picks on wines that you should look into and buy on your next trip to Trader Joe’s


Lissette’s Picks:

Purple Moon Shiraz

Now let me just start off by saying this little gem is $5.99. And if you’re on a budget this is the wine you want to take to your friend’s house. Its fruity but not sweet and like many Shiraz it has a nice peppery finish but it certainly doesn’t overtake the fruit you taste at the beginning. Its smooth. This wine maybe something you may have with Pizza or a nice pasta with meat sauce. Or you can be just like me and drink it while watching a good TV show. Either way you can’t go wrong for the price.

J.W. Morris Riesling

Another great find for about $4.99. This bottle is usually on the bottom shelves. Not sure why because its usually almost gone when I buy it. If you’re a white wine drink perhaps this needs to be a wine you look into. If you don’t like light sweet white wines then you’ll want to avoid this bottle. I usually have this whenever I’m making a nice fish or seafood dish, typical I know, but its also a great wine to take with you on a picnic with some cheese and crackers. No fruit needed. It taste great with any BBQ meal. The smokey spice plays against the sweet light wine.


Dana’s Picks:

Casillero del Diablo

This Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon cost $7.99 at Trader Joe’s and is a nice structured wine. It has dark rich fruit flavors like cherries and plums and a long finish. Its heavy tannin structure makes it a better choice for dinner then sipping with out food. I would recommend trying it with a nice stake.


Santa Barbara Landing Chardonnay

Santa Barbara Landing

As you all know I don’t drink a lot of white but I am a huge fan of a chardonnay called Santa Barbra Crossing. I haven’t been able to find it any where in Chicago, but I was excited to discover that Trader Joe’s carries a Chardonnay from the same wine maker called Santa Barbara Landing. At $3.99 a bottle you can’t beat the price and while it’s not quite as good is the Crossing it’s still a good wine.  It’s a dry white with summer fruit flavors like peach and while lacking complexity it does have a nice acidity to it. It would be a great wine for a BBQ.

Remember the bottle doesn’t have to be $100 dollars to taste good. Some of the best wines don’t cost much. You have to admit that’s a good motivation to try different wines.


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  1. I buy wine from TJ’s all the time, some hits some misses, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ll be on the lookout for your recommendations! Once I find a wine I like there I can never seem to find it again!

  2. Great post. We are not wine connoisseurs, so knowing what to buy at a store we shop at is fantastic. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Hi Dana, nice, informative article; I got a Vinho Verde there for $4 and was pleasantly surprised how nice it was on our patio (been a couple weeks and I don’t have a name). We will miss you tonight at the “non-budget” tasting at our house – wish you could be there.

  4. Galen from $10 Tuesday's

    Hi Dana, This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but Santa Barbara Crossing is made by the same company that makes Santa Barbara Landing, but it may come as a surprise that they are both made by the same company (Bronco Wine Company) that makes Charles Shaw (aka Two Buck Chuck). Please don’t tell that to “you know who” at PJ’s! It would be fun to have a side-by-side tasting with all three.

    • Hey Galen,
      Thanks for the info! I actually was aware that 2 Buck Chuck was also owned by Bronco Wine Company. Bronco owns something like 50 wine brands. I agree with you though, that would be a fun blind tasting! Maybe you could even include a few of the more expensive Bronco brands.

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