Michigan’s Best Kept Secret

I’m a city girl through and through but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy getting out into the relaxing atmosphere. On our trip to Michigan I learned some pretty essential things..1.) Road Kill in Michigan is a way of Life 2.) Never go feet first into a Jacuzzi if your intention was only to put your feet in, you might find yourself 3 feet underwater 3.) And the most important lesson…Michigan Wines are impressive and the state’s best kept secret.

The Michigan Tourism Board should really add in some marketing copy for Tim Allen to talk about the wines that are created in Michigan. I bet they’ll see a pickup in tourism.

Before I begin telling you about the wines I loved and bought I’d like to give a shout out to Mr and Mrs Clark. Thanks for letting us staying at your place while we ventured out into the Michigan Wineries. And thanks Dana for driving and Rio thanks for just being adorable.

Let’s get this party started shall we?

Good Harbor Vineyards:

Overall I thought some of the wines were ok except for one, which I did buy.

Trillium-This was a nicely blended wine of Riesling and Vignoles. Made in Stainless steel I thought this wine was great for day out in the park with some cheese and fruit.

Forty-Five North:

This winery was just fun to look at..it had woodsy cabin thing going for it which I found to be charming. I loved the following

Semi-Dry Riesling-As you all may know I’m  fan of Riesling but this wine wasn’t overly sweet and had the smell of peaches.

Sparkling Strawberry-I know…Strawberry Wine? Yes it does exist and it taste great. This wasn’t a kind of wine that you’d think tasted like juice. This had a light taste and an amazing smell.

 Shady Lane Cellars:

This tasting room made of stones or at least it looked like it was fun, I think because of the name. I couldn’t stop thinking of the Golden Girls-Shady Pines reference. Regardless of that thought I did really enjoy one particular wine.

2008 Coop de Rouge-This is a Rose. This was a little sweeter then most roses but it certainly won’t disappoint you if you are a white wine drinker. If you’re in to full-bodied wines this isn’t the one for you.


Now this place is known for their sparkling wines but what they are really known for is the names of their wines.

Sex-Oh yes that’s the name of it. A nice rose and like any good sex you usually end up wanting more. It has a hint of fruit. Wonderful to enjoy during these beautiful summer nights

Willow Vineyard:

This place overlooks acres their growing vines. It’s beautiful and the people are friendly. What I loved most really was that Willow Vineyard sells half bottles. I think more wineries need to do that..Kudos to them.

2009 Pinot Gris: This wine was just too great to pass up. Had a nice pear flavor and a great finish. Certainly something I will be chilling and drinking on weekday after work.

Cherry Republic:

Ok if you don’t like Cherry this isn’t the place for you but trust me..this isn’t the sweet stuff. In face you might find yourself actually liking these wines.

Liberty Sparkling Cherry-Its a sparkling wine and had tart cherries which makes this a pretty nice treat. Best tip..try it as a mimosa. Add some OJ and enjoy.

Cherry Red Wine-Sounds like some sweet wine or something right? Nope this wine actually has Merlot blended with the Cherry making it take one of my favorite reds, Pinot Noir.

Gill’s Pier:

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this winery. But let me tell you…it’s not a Pier so don’t expect one. However this place does have a beautiful outdoor seating area.

Just Unleashed-This wine was an unexpected treat it had an earthy taste that I enjoyed with a smell of coffee. It was just a great wine and if you like dark chocolate this maybe the wine for you.

Leelanau Cellars:

We had a few wines there that I loved and some that I didn’t love. I regret not getting the Winter White wine which was a great semi-sweet wine and came in a great blue bottle. Perhaps I’ll need to call to order.

Raspberry Wine-What can I say I had this and loved it and loved it even more when it was suggested to add some champagne to the class. An idea that I will execute in the coming summer months.

All of these wines weren’t expensive but they were tasty. Which goes to show you, you don’t have to pay over $100 for a good bottle of everyday wine. I have to say that I wasn’t sure if I would love wines from Michigan but clearly I did and I enjoyed my time there. You can look up these wineries and order online or by calling.

I guess I just let the secret out. Now get in your car and head to Michigan.

Please check out Dana’s post “Wine Tasting Michigan Style”, to read about the other wineries we visited and get a Michigander’s take on Michigan wines.


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