How to Store Wine

Some wines have stood the test of time. While vintage wines are a rare thing to today’s wine drinker its still important to store you wine properly.  Most people store their wines on top of the refrigerator. But just so you know its the worst place you can store your wine. However we’re here to help so here are some tips on storing your wine. If you do these things you’ll ensure your wine doesn’t turn into vinegar.

  1. Keep Your Wine Cool.

55 degrees is the best temperature for your wine. Try and keep this temperature consistent too many changes and your wine won’t taste as delicious as you remember it.

2. Darkness

Avoid sunlight is a good thing. You’re wine doesn’t need Vitamin D. In fact keeping it dark will mean you wine keeps for a long time even if it wasn’t meant to be store a long time. If you want salad dressing keep it in the sun. White wines are the most fragile when it comes to sunlight.

3. Be Silent Be Still

Ok don’t be silent but keeping your wine still is important believe it or not. Too many vibrations can keep the sediment from settling in a red wine. This means that whether you realize it or not your fridge does vibrate a little. Yet another reason not to keep it up there.

4. Sideways isn’t just a movie

Keeping the wine on its side will ensure that your wine touches the cork. Doing this will avoid your cork from shrinking and it’ll keep it moist.

The last step is optional

5. Wine Cooler-Not the drink (gross)

If you can afford it and have room for it purchase a wine cooler to make the above step easier. We call don’t have Villas with wine cellars but we don’t want our wine to go to waste. That would be awful.



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