A Wine Filled Easter Weekend

My parents were in town this weekend for Easter. This means I had lots of good wine and good food!   They got in Thursday night and we started the weekend with a French Burgundy at the Red Rooster Wine Bar. The 2000 Laboure-Roi of the Gevrey Chambertin appellation was a very smooth wine. Being that the bottle was a 2000 the tannins had time to mellow. The wine was very balanced and had the old word characteristics you would expect from a French wine; dark fruit and hints of leather. You may be thinking leather? That’s kind of weird but leather is actually a common characteristic of wine. And can add some real complexity to a bottle of wine.

The second night my parent were here we ate in. my mother made an awesome rack of lamb and we started with a 2010 Villa Des Anges Rose from France. It’s important to note that a rose is NOT the same thing as a White Zinfandel. I repeat Rose is NOT the same as White Zinfandel. This rose run about $11 a bottle and is a perfect pre-dinner sipping wine.  It is very light and crisp. It is a dry rose (I’m not a fan of sweeter wines) and is great on its own, but would pair well with salads, seafood and other light dishes.

After we drank the Rose we moved on to the main attraction of the night, a 2006 Lorenzo Begali Amarone. Amarone is probably my favorite type of wine. It’s an expensive wine but I have yet to have Amarone I didn’t like. This wine deserves it’s own post so I’ll just give you the highlights. It’s was a complex wine with dark fruits and some floral hints. It has a nice long finish a rich flavor that could be described as creamy.  It was amazing with the lamb!

On night number 3 we went to Ping Pong a BYOB Asian Fusion restaurant. We again started with a Rose. This time it was a 2009 Whispering Angel. This is an extremely dry yet fruity rose. This rose and the Villa Des Anges are very similar but the Whispering Angel has more complexity. This is another wine you could drink without food. We drank it with our appetizers Salt and Pepper Calamari and Vegetable Spring Rolls. It was a great compliment to the calamari.

We all got beef for our main dish and we had a bottle of 2007 Crossbarn by Paul Hobbs Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine went really well with the food. It is defiantly a wine that goes best with a meal. There is tannin in this wine but the tannins are smooth and soft. The wine is very well balance with some complexity. This is a fruit forward wine but has a bit of an earthy finish.

Finally on Easter Sunday we went to brunch at Bin 36. Bin 36 had mimosa flights on their menu and really what is brunch without a mimosa?  The mimosa flight had 4 different mimosas; a traditional, a pineapple, a pomegranate and a peach. All for mimosas were good, but my favorite was the traditional. The champagne (or sparkling wine not sure which they used) was very dry. The mimosas where heavy on the champagne and light on the juice. I thought that the Pineapple one might have a very strong pineapple flavor but there was just the slightest hint of pineapple. I actually love pomegranates and I kind of wish there was more pomegranate flavor in that one. I was expecting the peach mimosa to taste like a belini but it didn’t have the sweetness you usually see in a belini. The flight was an enjoyable addition to a great brunch. I think my favorite part of the brunch though was that they were offering milk and juice flights for children. I thought this was such a cute idea and a great way to include the children in the festivities. 

A nice spring day mimosas and a beautiful brunch was the perfect end to a great weekend with my family.


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