My Go To Wine

Gnarly Head Old Vine ZinfandelEveryone should have a good inexpensive wine that is their go to wine. Whether its dinner at home, a house-warming party or a thank you, a good bottle of wine always comes in handy.

My go to wine is Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel. I tend to keep at least one bottle of it on my wine rack at all times. It’s a great everyday wine, and perfect to give as a gift or bring to a party.  It typically runs between $9 and $11 and you can find it at most wine shops and even some grocery stores. 

Gnarly Head Zin is rich and creamy with soft tannins and a smooth finish. It has flavors of dark fruits with hints of pepper and vanilla. I’ve found that my friends, whose tastes in wine vary greatly, all enjoy it. Whether you like a big bold wine or you like something with a little less body this wine works. It’s got nice flavor but it’s not what I like to call a punch you in the face red.

If you haven’t tried it already go out and grab a bottle it’s a great value for the price! Maybe Gnarly Head Zin won’t be your go to wine but I’d love to hear what is!


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